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Megan Billings Pottery

Happy Pots

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Photo Gallery: Colourful


These photos are a sample of my work. Each item can be made with any colour combination, as requested. Before placing an order, please refer to the Colour Palette page for colour descriptions and to choose your dominant colour.


Double-click on an image to see a larger photo.


Sizes are approximate and are subject to change slightly (they are hand made, after all!)


There is no sales tax when you purchase directly from the artist. Prices are in Canadian Dollars.



Cups, Small

(Shown: Light Blue, Bright Blue, & Green)

Great for any drink!

Approx. 12 oz capacity ,

11 cm h

$24 (no tax) 


Wine Cups

6 oz.

(Shown: Green, Sun Yellow, Purple-Blue)

$22 (no tax)



Your morning will be brighter with one of these!

Approx. 11.5 cm h

$34 (no tax) 


Main Colours from left: 1st: Dark Green, Coral Red, Golden Yellow, Dark Blue. 2nd: Turquoise, Sun Yellow, Purple. 3rd: Bright Blue, Pink, Green. 4th: Light Blue, Orange, Purple-Blue





Mugs, small

(Shown: Bright Blue, Orange, Green)

Approx. 9.5-10 cm h

$32 (no tax)


(not available for wholesale)


Beer Stein (or large mug)

(Shown: Dark Green)

Approx. 13 cm h

$36 (no tax) 


(not available for wholesale)



Wine Goblets

(Shown: Green, Purple-Blue, Sun Yellow)

$38 (no tax)

Approx. 13.5 cm h, 8 cm dia.


(not available for wholesale)


Utensil Jar/ Wine Cooler

(Shown: Turquoise)

Approx. 12.5 cm h

$50 (no tax) 


Strainer Bowl

(Shown: Green)

$38 (no tax)


(not available for wholesale)


Butter Dish, Dome Style

(Shown: Green)

Approx. 11 cm h

$45 (no tax)




French Butter Dish

(shown: Turquoise)

Approx. 9 cm h, 11cm dia.

$42 (no tax) 



Square Dish

Great for sushi, lunch, or nacho dip.

Approx. 19 cm

$36 (no tax) 


Oval Dish

Great for serving pasta or veggies.

Approx. 22 cm l x 18 cm w

$38 (no tax)


Cream & Sugar Set

(Shown: Purple-Blue)

Approx 13.5 cm h

$64 set (no tax) 



(Shown: Turquoise)

Approx. 1L capacity. 18.5cm h

$115 (no tax) 


Teapot, Small

(Shown: Golden Yellow)

$95 (no tax)


(not available for wholesale)

Oblong Dish

(Shown: purple-blue, Sun Yellow)

Great for olives, pickles, jewellery, or candy!

Approx. 21 x 7 x 2.5 h

$22 (no tax) 


Yarn Bowl

Approx. 9.5 cm h, 16 cm dia

$45 (no tax)


(not available for wholesale)


Soap Dish

(shown: Purple-Blue)

Approx. 3 cm h, 13 cm dia.

$22 (no tax) 


Salt & Pepper Shakers

(Shown: Bright Blue)

Approx. 8cm h, 7 cm dia.

$40 set (no tax)


(not available for wholesale)




Covered Jar

(Shown: Turquoise)

Store jewellery, candy, or microwave veggies... your imagination is the limit!

Approx. 10.5 cm h

$38 (no tax)



 Vases, Style 1

(Shown: Green)

Small Aprx. 15 cm h:$38

Medium Approx. 20 cm h: $72

(no tax)


Vases, Style 2

(Shown: Golden Yellow)

Small Approx. 15 cm h: $38

Medium Approx. 20 cm h: $72

(no tax)


Small Bottles

(Shown: Sun Yellow, Pink)

Various Sizes



Pitcher, Small

(Shown: Green)

Approx. 17 cm h

$50 (no tax)



Breakfast Appx 18.5 cm: $30 (no tax)

Lunch Approx. 21 cm d: $40

Dinner Approx 25.5 cm: $64











Square Platter

Great for serving your favourite pasta dish.

Approx 24 x 24 cm, 4 cm h

$75 (no tax) 




Rectangular Platter

Great for cookies & squares, veggies, or perhaps your Christmas turkey!

Approx. 33 x 25 cm, 4 cm h

$90 (no tax) 




Cheese & Cracker Trays

(Shown: Crescent, Rectangular & Curvy)

These trays are also great for Sushi, appetizers, or even cookies & squares.

Approx. 22 x 15 cm, 3 cm h

$36 (no tax) 



Yogurt Bowls

(or dip, or snack, or whatever your heart desires bowls)

Approx. 10 cm d, 7 cm tall

$20 (no tax) 




Dessert Bowl (x-sm flared)

Approx. 14 cm d

$22 (no tax)



Ice Cream Bowls (x-small regular)

Approx. 12 cm d

$22 (no tax)



Cereal Bowl (small regular)

Approx. 16.5 cm d

$34 (no tax)  


Soup Bowl (small flared)

Approx. 17 cm d

$34 (no tax) 


 Pasta Bowl *new*



Dip Platter & Bowl (bowl is  unattached for more versatility)

Great for chips, veggies, or nachos...

Scalloped Edge Shown

Approx 30 cm d

$120 set (no tax) 



Scalloped Serving Bowls

Medium Aprx. 23 cm d: $60

Large Approx. 26 cm d: $85

X-Lg Approx. 29 cm d: $120

(no tax)


Tall Serving Bowls

Medium Apx. 22 cm d: $60

Large Apx. 24.5 cm d: $85

X-Lg Approx. 28 cm d: $120

(no tax)


Pottery Care and Use

My work is intended to make you smile. It is also intended to be durable, so I use a food-safe transparent glaze which has been carefully tested to endure the rigours of use. My pottery is safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave. Teapots should not be placed on the burner.




Megan Billings Pottery Upper Hainesville (Crabbe Mountain), New Brunswick CANADA

506-463-8397 (res) 506-442-2471 (cell)