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Megan Billings Pottery

Happy Pots

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Your special garment deserves special, one-of-a-kind buttons! A beautiful addition to knitwear, adornment for a hat or scarf, or dress up an old jacket. These buttons are formed, textured, and glazed by hand, so no two buttons are exactly alike. Hand-washing the garment is recommended.


I love to knit as a hobby, so the first buttons were made out of personal necessity. But it quickly became an obsession... there's just something fun about buttons!


The photo gallery below represents firstly; the various colours I have at my disposal. Then below, are examples of the shapes & sizes available. Each glaze color can be used on different shapes & sizes. Buttons are usually sold in sets, although the largest ones may be purchased individually or in pairs. Please contact me to inquire about current inventory.



Colour: Black

Colour: Dark Green


Colour: Coral Red

Colour: Dark Blue


Colour: Golden Yellow

Colour: Turquoise



Colour: Purple

Colour: Lobster Red


Colour: Bright Blue


Colour: Pink


Colour: Green

Colour: Pale Blue


Colour: Purple-Blue



Colour: Sun Yellow


Colour: Orange


Glaze: White


Glaze: Denim Blue



Glaze: Blue Frost


Glaze: Blue Starlight



Glaze: Slate Blue

Glaze: Blue Grape



Glaze: Green Frost


Glaze: Walnut

Glaze: Sea Foam


Glaze: Glass Green

Glaze: Smokescreen


Glaze: Bone

Glaze: Jungle night


Glaze: Sandstone Cliffs

 Glaze: Burnt Sienna





23mm round

Glaze: White & Bright Blue

Set of 8: $24

18-25mm Star

(smallest to largest dia.)


Set of 5: $15


27mm Crinkled Square

Glaze: Waterfall

Set of 3: $12


30mm Flower

Set of 3: $12



31mm square

Glaze: Denim Blue

Set of 4: $18

 28-36mm 6-Point flower

Set of 2: $8

25mm Round

Set of 5: $20 



 39mm Flower

Set of 3: $15



42mm Round

Single: $5




37-48mm 6-Point Flower

(smallest to largest dia.) 

 Set of 2: $12


48-60mm 6-Point Flower

(smallest to largest dia.)

Single: $7 

47mm Square

Glaze: White

Single: $7